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Amazon Search Query Performance Dashboard Metrics Explained

Amazon’s Search Query Performance Dashboard is an invaluable resource for vendors, ranking the top 1,000 customer search queries for your brand’s products. Here’s an insightful look at the metrics it provides to elevate your marketing strategy:

Search Query Volume

Reflects the number of times a specific term is searched on Amazon. For instance, “water bottle” searched 100 times would result in a Search Query Volume of 100.


This metric measures the visibility of products after a query is conducted and includes:

  • Total Count: The aggregate of product impressions showcased in the search results.
  • Brand Count: The number of times your brand’s products appear in search results.
  • Brand Share: The proportion of your brand’s impressions out of the total.

For instance, if “water bottle” yields 1,000 impressions with 200 being your brand’s, the Brand Share is 20%.


The amount of shopper interactions in the form of clicks on products after using a search query, enumerated as follows:

  • Total Count: The sum of all clicks on search results.
  • Brand Count: Clicks solely on your brand’s products.
  • Brand Share: The percentage of your brand’s clicks in relation to the total.

Other figures include the Click Rate, Price (Median), Brand Price (Median), alongside clicks for different shipment speeds.

Cart Adds

Shows how often products are added to shopping carts post-query, complete with Total, Brand Counts, and Shares. The Cart Add Rate is also provided, reflecting the likelihood of a product being added to the cart after being viewed.


Indicates the count of executed orders following the use of a search query, presented with Total, Brand Counts, and Shares. Also outlined is the Purchase Rate, denoting the fraction of search queries that translate into actual sales.

Harvesting these insights is crucial for optimizing your brand’s presence and performance on the Amazon marketplace. Use this data wisely to refine your tactics and stand out in the competitive arena.

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