Andreas Ludvigsson

Bridging Code and Commerce


Born and bred in the beautiful country of Sweden, I’ve always been fascinated by the digital world and its endless possibilities. My journey started in the marketing and development fields, where I got my hands dirty and learned what it takes to really understand what people want and how to catch their eye.

Fast forward to now, I’m living the life of an Amazon Brand Manager. It’s my job to make sure the brands I work with shine on Amazon’s vast stage. Think of me as the behind-the-scenes guy who tweaks and tunes everything to perfection, ensuring customers click “add to cart” more often than not.

But hey, life’s not all about Amazon. I’m also freelancing, juggling projects from Shopify development to getting the word out through Google and Facebook ads. It’s a bit like being a digital Swiss Army knife – always something new, always something exciting.

I believe in keeping things simple and straight to the point. In my world, success is all about making real connections and getting results that you can see and touch, not just numbers on a screen.

When I’m not glued to a computer screen, I’m probably out enjoying the Swedish air, reminding myself there’s a whole world outside the internet.

Looking for someone to help your brand or project find its feet in the digital crowd? I’m your guy. Let’s make something great together. You can find my GitHub here, or contact me on this page.